Guest Blogging for

Guest Blogging for

Guest blogging for is a great opportunity to connect with the working musician community.  Over the years we have had dozens of musicians write for us and we are always very proud to host the conversation.

However, we have 5 strict rules for our guest bloggers.

  1. Authors must be working musicians.
  2. Articles must be pragmatic career advice based on experience.
  3. No self-promotion. This is not a place to promote your career or new album.
  4. Articles must be exclusive to If it has been published or will be published on another website, we cannot accept it.
  5. Articles should be between 800 – 2,500 words long and follow as many of these rules as possible.

*All submissions are subject to approval of the editors. Submissions must include a small profile photo and a 3-5 sentence bio (hyperlinks allowed).

Articles most likely to be considered for the site will meet these rules, but also compliment our existing content. Writing about a topic we have not covered, or expanding on an existing topic with links to other articles on the site, will increase your chances of approval.

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If you are interested in submitting an article to, please contact us using this form:

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