Introducing Translated Articles!

Grabar, Lanzar e Interpretar Canciones Versionadas

MusicianWages is proud to introduce translations of our most read articles, beginning with the Spanish translation of “Recording, Releasing, and Performing Cover Songs,” or should we say, “Grabar, Lanzar e Interpretar Canciones Versionadas.”

As musicians ourselves, we’ve realized that many working musicians in NYC are bilingual, and English is their second language. We’d like them to be a part of the MusicianWages community.

If you’d like to see specific articles translated to another language, please let us know. Additionally, if you are a skilled translator, we could use your help in 2012. Contact us with your suggestions or to help.

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One thought on “Introducing Translated Articles!”

  1. This is really great and it’s a wonderful way to reach a larger audience. I noticed on facebook, there is a “translate” option on comments and posts, that is powered by Bing.

    I have many friends in eastern europe and spanish speaking countries, so the translate option works very well, except for Polish!

    Congratulations on becoming bilingual and forward thinking.

    .jordannah elizabeth

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