The Cruise Line Entertainment Department Directory

The Cruise Ship Talent Agency Directory
$9.99, immediate download, PDF

A few months ago we released The Cruise Ship Talent Agency Directory, which lists 100+ talent agencies around the world that specialized in placing musicians and music acts on cruise ships.

Everyone knows about the big guys – Proship, Landau Entertainment, Oceanbound – but if you are looking for options in your career you’ll want to know more than just those three.

The response has been very exciting. Dozens of you have picked up the Talent Agency Directory in the past two months. In fact, I’ve received emails from old friends of mine that stumbled across the list, bought it, then realized they knew the guys who put it together. It seems like a lot of people have the idea of trying out ships this year.

And for good reason. When I was a guest performer on a ship in Hawaii I was paid $1,000 a week to perform just two 45-minute shows a week. The rest of the time I explored the islands, enjoyed the ship and lived in a passenger cabin. I stayed out there for three months. It wasn’t always paradise – it’s still a job – but how could I complain?

Why not?

If you are a performer with an interesting act – why not? Why not try for a sweet gig like I had? It can’t hurt to try, and in today’s difficult musician job market it might be a great opportunity for you.

These resources aren’t just for guest performers, though. There are a lot of different musician jobs on cruise ships. Michael Landau (yes, that Michael Landau) wrote a great article for us awhile back detailing all of the different opportunities for sidemen, party bands, string quartets, etc.

Applying Directly to Cruise Lines

The Cruise Ship Talent Agency Directory will help you find an agent, if that’s what you want. There is an alternative, though – contacting the cruise lines’ entertainment departments directly. You call them up, ask them if you can send in your promo materials, and give it a shot. Like I said, if you are interested in this gig – it can’t hurt to try.

The Cruise Line Entertainment Department Directory
$9.99, immediate download, PDF

So we’ve put together another list: The Cruise Line Entertainment Department Directory.

The Department Directory is $9.99 paid through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to use PayPal). After you’ve paid you’ll receive an email with a download link and you’ll be able to download the PDF to your computer.

The Cruise Line Entertainment Department Directory contains the names and addresses of over 50 cruise lines from all over the world. The list includes information about how to apply and links to the jobs sections of there websites. It’s a really valuable resource if you are interested in getting a job directly through a cruise line.

Working as a musician on cruise ships is not a perfect job (there’s no such thing), and those that have worked on ships will tell you the same. But if you are serious about building a career as a working, performing musician I think that it is a gig you can’t afford to ignore.

I truly believe that these directories are an invaluable resource – otherwise we never would have taken all the time and expense to make them. They will give you a huge advantage in your job search, and I encourage you to download your copy right now.

The Cruise Ship Talent Agency DirectoryThe Cruise Line Entertainment Department Directory

Click here to buy both lists for $19.99

Get 100+ talent agencies and 50+ cruise lines – jump start your hustle and start finding your new gig right away.

Credits cards accepted through PayPal, after purchase you will be emailed a download link immediately.

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David J. Hahn

David J. Hahn

David J. Hahn (@davidjhahn) is the co-founder of and a former Broadway conductor. He grew up near Chicago, lived in New York City, and settled in California. In 2012, he left the music business to found California Surfcraft, a San Francisco-based start-up that makes high-performance surf gear out of fiberglass-reinforced cork. He is the inventor of the Bodypo®, a sustainable alternative to the traditional bodyboard. He is a cancer survivor, an advocate for unlikely career paths, and, beginning in spring of 2015, a father.

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